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Highlighting Natures Beauty 

About Us


Company History

Glen's Natural Wood Crafts began with Glen's desire to make an unique and treasured wedding gift for our daughter and son-in-law.  After finding some patterns he liked, he made those, and since then, with suggestions and requests from our customers, along with some new ideas on our own, we have expanded our offerings every year.


All Natural Hard Woods are used

We pride ourselves in making unique, craft items that are a beautiful addition to any home.  The use of naturally colored woods promotes the natural beauty.  Each piece of wood is hand selected for its grain and texture, enhancing the uniqueness of each piece.

We primarily use maple, walnut, padauk, cherry, mahogany and purpleheart for our products.  All bowls are treated with a salad bowl food safety finish.


Customer testimonials

We are thrilled to have many repeat customers come back every year or contact us through our website.  Their satisfaction and comments keep us going!  Our most heard compliments are on the quality and finish.  Our customers enjoy giving our products as gifts.

Our Bowls - description, size, and price (US$)

Padauk Bread Bowl


Maple base with Padauk Trim

 (approx. 5" x 13 " long) 

Order # 100-12     $46.00

Walnut Bread Bowl


Maple base with Walnut Trim

(approx. 5" x 13" long)

Order # 100-22     $46.00

Uses -


These work great for breads, as well as rolls, bagels and crackers. I sometimes add a small Pyrex bowl in one end for dip with veges or chips on the side.  All bowls are treated with a food safe finish.

2 Pocket Bowls with trim


Maple base- Padauk or Walnut trim  (approx. 5" x 13 " long)

Order # 

140-10 Padauk trim     $48.00

140-20 Walnut trim      $48.00

These bowls work great for shelled nuts, a great gift ideas with pistachios.


2 Pocket Bowls with rings


Maple base with Walnut rings     (approx. 5" x 13 " long)

Order # 

140-22 with narrow rings    $48.00

Nuts in one side, empty shells in the other.

2 Pocket Bowls with rings


Walnut base with Maple rings

(approx. 5" x 13 " long)

Order # 

142-11 with wide ring         $48.00

142-12 with narrow rings   $48.00

Or, not a nut lover? Choose 2 different types of mints or candies, they work for everyone!

Oblong Bowls-Maple base


Maple base- Padauk or Walnut trim

(approx. 5"x9")

Order #

160-10  Maple-Padauk trim    $33.00

160-20  Maple-Walnut trim     $33.00 

Oblong Bowls-Walnut base


Walnut base- Maple trim or ring

(approx. 5"x9")

Order #

162-10  Walnut - Maple trim  $33.00

162-11  Walnut - Maple ring  $33.00 

Uses -


These small bowls make great snack or candy bowls. They can also be used  as a table decoration, filled with appropriate decorations for the holidays. They also work great as a catch-all for the dresser or entry table.

Small Bowl-Maple base


Maple base-Padauk  rings

(approx. 5" diameter)

Order #

130-11  Maple- Padauk trim   $33.00

130-12  Maple- Padauk trim   $33.00 


130-11 has wider rings

130-12 has thinner rings 

Small Bowl-Maple base


Maple base - Walnut rings

(approx. 5" diameter)

Order #

130-21 Maple- Walnut trim   $33.00

130-22 Maple- Walnut trim   $33.00 


130-21 has wider rings

130-22 has thinner rings 

Small Bowl- Walnut base


Walnut Base - Maple rings

(approx. 5" diameter)

Order #

132-01  Walnut- Maple trim   $33.00

132-02  Walnut- Maple trim   $33.00 


132-01 has wider rings 

132-02 has thinner rings 

Specialty Items - description, size, price (US$)

Candle Towers - Walnut


Maple Base with Walnut trim and grids -  

Order # 

300-01  Small Tower      $25.00

300-02  Medium Tower  $27.00

300-03  Large Tower      $29.00

Candle Towers - Padauk


Maple Base with Padauk trim and grids - 

Order # 

300-01 Small Tower      $25.00

300-02 Medium Tower  $27.00

300-03 Large Tower      $29.00

Shadow reflections


             Approximate size:

                    Small -  9"

                 Medium - 12"

                    Large -  15"

Our candle towers come with tea lights and votives,  but they can easily be converted to electric at any time.  Ask us how!

Napkin holder


Order #

600-01 Napkin holder     $22.00

(approx. 5.5"x6")

This vertical napkin holder is great for any table.  Size may vary, along with color combinations.  

Horizontal Napkin holder


Order # 

610-01 Napkin holder     $25.00

(approx. 7"x7")

Great for the deck -the bar helps keep napkins from blowing away

Napkin or Mail holder


Order # 

225   Napkin/mail holder        $15.00

(approx. 6"x4")

Originally designed as a bill or letter holder, but customers also buy it as a napkin holder.

Bowl - Football or Canoe?


Order #
150-01   Bowl        $36.00

(approx. 12" x5.5")

A great bowl for sports fans, but Lake lovers go right to canoe! Either way, it's a  great highlight to a table, and makes for a very unique gift.



Order #

172-01   Platter       $92.00

(approx. 22"x14")

This is a modified design from a customer request - a tray for a large ottoman, or a piece on a server.  Mahogany, Padauk  and Maple.



Order #

174-00   Tray                $43.00

(approx. 12.5"x9.5")

This maple tray is made with a variety of trim - available with walnut, padauk, cherry, mahogany, and purpleheart 

Rectangular tray


Order #

176-00   Tray                $40.00

(approx. 13.5"x7")

This maple tray is made with a variety of trim - available with walnut, padauk, cherry, mahogany, and purpleheart 



Order #

240    Trivet/Cheese tray   $22.00

(sizes and colors vary)

These trays are great as a trivet or a small cheese tray, Treated with salad bowl finish for food safety,  Should not be used as a cutting board.

Other items


Order # 210    Door Stops      $4.00

We also make a wide variety of door stops, many sizes and shapes.

Order #250  Business Card holder

Business card holders also available in maple, padauk or walnut.  $4.00

Order #230  Inspiration          $5.00

Add a touch of inspiration to your day - a variety of messages

Our newest item:

Smartphone Amp


        Order #

 525-01  Smartphone amp   $35.00

       (approx. 6" round)

This unique design greatly amplifies the sound of your smart phone, works with most phones with the speaker on the bottom.   Made with maple, accented with walnut trim strips 

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